Uchiha Sachiko (redeyedavenger) wrote,
Uchiha Sachiko

[36] team stuff

Konokako, you need to work a little faster and stop daydreaming when setting up traps, because when you get distracted your traps end up being crap.

Moegi, good job on your traps. You just need to work on the speed.

Taichou - what did you think of the interaction of wires and explosive tags? Personally, I thought the flashbangs were a nice touch.

[Kureno only]

Just wondering when we're going to be doing that intense mindwalking training.

[/Kureno only]

[Kakami only]

Some update on the mindwalking training. Kureno-sensei's said he wants to do a week of intense...stuff, but hasn't given me a clear date yet. Do you want to wait until after that to play work with the chidori?

[/Kakami only]


Haven't heard a thing about Tentsuke since delivering him to the Hokage, and then to Ibiki. I hope everything's okay. I mean, I'm about 98% sure that that really is Tentsuke, especially after seeing him with a kunai, but...

Wish I could talk to someone about this. But Tsurude and Ibiki would probably kill me inflict much in the way of unpleasantness if I were to breathe a word before getting the okay.

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