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Summer year 18: journal entries

[ooc: mass journal entry! :D This makes more sense if you've read the Summer year 18: Narrative entry]

May journal entry #1

Gods, what has the gate sentries' panties in so tight a bunch? It's not like I'm plotting to leave the village. I'm just trying to remind myself that I won't be traveling through any gates for a long time.

If at all.

ATTENTION, KONOHA. I am not going anywhere without permission, alright?


May journal entry #2

Note to self: track down Leigh and ask for help again. I know she does a crapton of running, and despite stretching before and after running I'm still sore the next day. Still running, but sore.

June journal entry #1

Finally managed to get Leigh's help, at least with the running. I've learned how to stretch correctly for running, which is pretty much the same way I stretch before a spar but with a few important differences. It takes longer to stretch, but it's been worth it. I'm not feeling the urge to eat a handful of painkillers each night.

We've started racing each other. She wins, of course. She offered to give me a set of (significantly lighter) weights to help.


I'm seriously thinking of taking her up on it.

June journal entry #2

I'm getting better at my accuracy and speed when it comes to my projectiles, noticeable if only because I've levelled up in regards to the thing in Tentsuke-sensei's backyard. I also haven't destroyed any of his targets. Which, considering I wouldn't know how to fix/replace them...yeah.

Still running with Leigh. Still thinking hard about the weights.


I'm starting to wonder, though. Tentsuke-sensei left for his mission at the end of March. It's mid-June. And Leigh said he'd be back soon, but...

Shit, sensei, don't tell me you managed to get yourself killed or something.

Maybe I should check in on Mika and Bloodfang more. I know Leigh does, she brings them up regularly. But Leigh's not really a cat person, and even if both Neko and Bloodfang are hissing at smelling the other's scent on me, they're at least not shredding my clothes too badly.

So much for the thought of cat-sitting until Tentsuke-sensei gets back.


June journal entry #3

So I asked Leigh what kind of missions she generally went on. Because it doesn't really seem like she goes on all that many. I learned that she does a lot of solo courier runs. Most she can get done same-day owing to her speed, otherwise depending on how far she needs to go it can take three or four. She doesn't do international runs very often and not by herself. Generally she goes with Tentsuke, or another chuunin when she does.


July journal entry #1

Tentsuke-sensei's still not back. I don't care what assurances Leigh might give (Sorry, Leigh); something is wrong but the Hokage will only trot the party line of how he's still on a mission.

Chuunin exam update: Forest exam is over--I saw the examinees coming out.

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