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I took a break from my drawing homework to write up a list of everything I'm doing, because I've been feeling a lot more tired mentally and physically than I should be. This is what I came up with:

These are daily or nearly daily:

  • Morning Village run
    Can't really call this a morning thing anymore because the chance I get to do it actually depends a lot when Asuka-taichou's training us and for how long. I try and run daily, and I'm able to cover a hell of a lot of ground at a decent pace. Still can't do a whole lap down every single street and alley of the village but I'm working towards getting there. I'm also considering, in order to help with my chakra endurance, to use kage bunshin while running. Not the whole time as running partners, but, say, vaulting a wall. Make a kage bunshin, have it give me a 'step up' to get over the wall without ricocheting off of adjacent walls, and then cancel the jutsu. That should wear me out fast. I know I've good stamina, but with someone as jutsu-dependent as I am, I need that endurance to get through a long fight.

  • Team training with Asuka-taichou
    This sort of lends into the previous note. Taichou's very big about efficiency and only using as much effort as absolutely necessary to get the job done. She's also remorseless and relentless in basics drilling. On the bright side, I'm getting much better at projectile evasion (even with the bloody padding), I'm fantastic at getting free of knots without jutsu and Konohako and Moegi are getting a lot better at tying a person up. Though, Taichou says that next week I'll finally have the chance to tie them up. Oh this will be fun. The playing of hide-and-seek in the village is...interesting. Konohako's good at hiding, I'll give her that.

  • Genjutsu training with Kureno-sensei
    Even more emphasis on control. And working on some more advanced stuff. This is taxing chakra-wise, and brain-wise.

  • Art/drawing class
    I started taking this class because I thought if, say, I ever got assigned a scouting mission, I'd want to be able to accurately show what I'd seen, etc. I've learned, however, the bigger benefit is the learning of the uses of shadows and shading and the like. Drawing is simply defining the changes of light and shadow, and this is helping me a lot with light and shadow in my genjutsu. Maybe when the teacher decides to move us past using only a pencil, I'll learn more about colors.

  • Calligraphy class
    Taking because I like it as a mental exercise (focusing on the precision of the strokes and the stroke order and the flourishes) and because I've got an interest in seals. If I ever get the opportunity to actually learn some, I better be able to write it out neatly. Quite useful for writing out explosive tags.

  • Self-training
    What I do specifically usually depends on what I feel like doing at the time. Kureno-sensei's water-training, illusion practice, projectile practice (though not at Tentsuke's place; I feel weird going there when he's not there), katon practice, meditating, reading the archives, jutsu practice, that sort of thing.

And this is all on top of what's got to be done in general around the apartment and what I have to do just to take care of myself.

On paper, it doesn't look like a lot, but everything's rather time-consuming. The fact I can find time for the occasional hang out with Kiba is amazing. I see Sakurai but rarely, and Aki too. Kaka-sensei's offered to have me come by to see the puppies, which I do want to do, I just seem to have trouble carving out the time.

I'm probably going to have to alternate my schedule by spreading out what I do. Can't really plot down anything, not even the classes. I show up to whatever session I can make it to. Morning, midday, afternoon, evening, that all depends on what Taichou's got us doing. Happily, the teachers understand so I don't get much more than disapproving looks.

Pain in the ass, modifying things.

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